The Shannonside GP Race 2018

For the 3rd edition of the Shannonside GP, we have moved a little out from Athlone to the lovely village of Curraghboy for the race start /finish. The lap is 31k with 160m of climbing per lap so no great change there but the road surface is near perfect. The one noticeable climb from previous years will be approached from the opposite side this year.
If the commissaire's allow it, A2's will have a small head-start on A1's and both do 4 laps.
A3's will do 3 laps (93km) and A4's will do two laps (62k).
There is no separate ladies race; we offered to host a round of the new intermediate women's league but it was too near another scheduled event.
Race starts at 11am with sign-on from 9am. There is plenty of parking in the village, on both sides of the road but please leave the road well clear for the start/ finish.

Here is the route for the race:


SSCC GP 2018